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NEW! Take the new song sorter for a spin if you have no life to waste.

Sorter for Touhou characters. Pick your sources, and hit the Start button.
Click on the character you like better from the two, or tie them if you like them equally or don't know them.
Depending on how many sources you pick, you'll get up to 700+ picks, so set aside a good few cups of tea for this.
There'll be a table at the end of the picks with your favorites sorted out, plus a button to click for raw text to copy and paste.

Sick and tired of the original English sorter not being updated so I slapped on an update.
Also was kind of irked by the inconsistency of the art, which might influence close decisions. Picked out alphes' style and stuck with it.
Original: haru from E-Phantasm, scripts by migiwa from K-Factory.
Art: alphes, kaoru, dairi. Misc: Undo option (/jp/ anon), column breaks (nkeronkow), music sort, filter by stage, progress saving (Relick).

AT&T is blocking comoj. Use some other method of accessing this site if this is the case.

18/07/16, added method of choosing how many of your top choices will have images, and Hisoutensoku. Improved non-girl filter.
04/06/16, added a PC-98 duplicate filter. PC-98 characters that appear in Windows will be removed.
30/01/16, updated most arts to dairi and changed the "Others" category to "Not Girls", moving a few people there from the main categories. Removed Layla/Youki/Myouren due to lack of canon physical design. Old sort without changes here.

Bother me for any gripes or help offers. My tastes > your tastes.

Disclaimer: I stole this code, so you don't have to ask me permission for anything. If you link me to a sorter you make that'd be totally cool though.